Does Something Need Attention?

Is there something that is niggling away in you that needs attention? If you had an aching tooth, you’d go to a dentist wouldn’t you? If you had a pain in your back, you’d probably go to a doctor or chiropractor. But what do we do when it is something else that we can’t quite put a finger on, that there isn’t an easy cure for? You know the kind of thing I mean, which isn’t quite physical and still hangs around like a dull irritant inside, which makes

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DFL Coaching and Training offers a number of coaching initiatives designed to support professional people transform their lives through expanding their career, transitioning into new directions, establishing and building a business, and gain positive focus.


From the Leadership Workshops given by Deirdre Lambert, I identified a more specific path to achieve my long term goals. I was able to consider, identify and confirm what my strengths as a leader are. My knowledge / awareness of my deeper goals and ambitions changed. The way I approach work and why has changed as I now know where I want it to take me.
Mr R Concoran ACT